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Terminate Power Automate Run

Introduction: In one of our recent requirements, we had Switch case in Power Automate and then actions to be done based on the variable populated in the Switch case.
If any of the case was not satisfied, we did not want to the actions after the Switch case to be performed. In such scenarios, Power Automate's Terminate Action comes in handy.
Steps: Add Action terminate.
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Get Stage Id of Business Process Flow Stages

Introduction: I had a requirement where I needed to compare the Active Stage of Business Process Flow to perform an action of the Stage was Develop The Flow trigger body provided the active stage id which I had to compare with Stage id of Develop. However, I did not know the stage id, so I used the below API to get the stage details.
Solution: API Query-$select=stagename&$filter=processid/workflowid eq BPFGuid
Example 1) Get the GUID of  Business Process Flow whose stage details you need.