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Create your own CRM instance

Problem Statement:
Hi all, I was asked to create my own CRM instance and explore D365 CRM. However, i had no idea that creating a CRM instance meant creating your own login for practice.

So, Here in this post, i have given steps to create your own trail of  D365 CRM.

Please Note: There might be some technical terms that I use wrongly, since i am myself in learning phase at this point of time.

1) Go to

2) Continue to the signup page, fill in all the necessary information as shown in screenshots below.

' 3) Click on create account, you will see your login ID on screen and you are ready to Go!!!

Understanding Dynamics 365 CRM- Part 1

Introduction:In this post I plan to walk you through some concepts and functional aspects of CRM module of Dynamics 365.  We will look into a vast used module of D365 CRM which is Sales in Part 1 of this blog and we shall look into other modules in Part 2
Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office 365 An instance of CRM Dynamics 365/ Trial account.

In Case you don't have a trial account, you can create one on,
For details on how to create an account, Visit my post:
Theory:CRM as we all know is Customer Relationship Management and is majorly used to maintain data with respect to Sales, Customer Tickets, etc.
We have two major parts to understand for working with CRM, Sales and Customer Service. In earlier versions of D365 CRM, we had  three modules Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. The New UI however looks like below:

This new UI as we see does not have marketing Module as it is been no…