Saturday, October 12, 2019

Understanding Dynamics 365 CRM- Part 1


In this post I plan to walk you through some concepts and functional aspects of CRM module of Dynamics 365. 
We will look into a vast used module of D365 CRM which is Sales in Part 1 of this blog and we shall look into other modules in Part 2


Microsoft Office 365
An instance of CRM Dynamics 365/ Trial account.

In Case you don't have a trial account, you can create one on,

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CRM as we all know is Customer Relationship Management and is majorly used to maintain data with respect to Sales, Customer Tickets, etc.

We have two major parts to understand for working with CRM, Sales and Customer Service.
In earlier versions of D365 CRM, we had  three modules Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. The New UI however looks like below:

This new UI as we see does not have marketing Module as it is been now combined with Sales.We also have many other modules like field service, project service, etc which we will be exploring later

Talking about the Market Scenario, In every industry we have Marketing departments that organize various Campaigns and  marketing strategies to sell their service /products to the customers.

Through Marketing they get various interested customers, these customers who are basically interested to buy the service/ product are known as leads.

The customer usually is another company, distributor or seller. So once your lead qualifies as your potential customer it becomes an Account and person communicating with regards to buying this service/product becomes the Contact.

Every Account thus has a primary contact( the main person to communicate with) and also may have various related contacts. Similarly, there can be various Accounts represented by a same sales person so a contact may have various Accounts.

After the initial communication the basic details of Accounts, Contact and Lead is updated.
On receiving details about the prospect, an Opportunity is created.

Opportunity in lay man terms will be having all details regarding the Estimated revenue, Start and End dates etc.

Also Sales module has a section for Competitors, which maintains the details of competitors which are trying to grab the same opportunity  we are looking at.

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