Friday, July 31, 2020

Create and Populate Word Template Using Power Automate

Introduction: We are aware of dynamics 365 CRM's Document template functionality. However document templates do not need XML Mapping which limit the fields that we can populate in template. SO here's a way to use Power Automate and SharePoint and implement the Document template functionality.

  1. Create Word Template with content controls and Upload to SharePoint.
  • Enable the Developer tab and click on Design Mode.
  • From the available controls add the Content controls, repeating controls(For data table).
  • Click on properties and add title, tag.
  • Once done save the word and upload to SharePoint.

  1. In you Power Automate (You can trigger the power automate as per your requirements).
  • Action1: Get File Content.
Site Address: your SharePoint link
File Identifier: Your uploaded document template.

  • Action2:Popualte a Microsoft Word Template.
Location: SharePoint Location.
Document Library: Share Point Site Contents.
File: Your uploaded document template.
Content control: the content controls from your template will be visible here.
  • Action3: Create file.
File Name: Should end with .docx
File Content: will be the populated word template.

 To know about how to populate a repeating control- check my blog
Populate Repeating Control of Word Template using Power Automate:

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